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Bentley SI (1957)

Our 1957 SI Bentley was originally imported to Malaysia by a wealthy Malaysian family shortly after her manufacture. She was later imported to Australia and used as the car for a diplomat. She is now enjoying life as an elite wedding car. The Bentley just exudes history, character and wealth. She is a very classy sedan.

The Bentley glistens in the sunlight as the wedding ribbon gently sways in the breeze. She is happy in her current role and was made to chauffeur beautiful brides on their romantic journey.

The Bentley and the Rolls Royce complement each other with their stately black and silver paintwork, immaculate woodwork and gorgeous leather trim.

Make your wedding day a truly special day to remember with our beautiful Rolls Royce and Bentley. The image of the gorgeous bride and bridal party arriving in these classics will be forever etched on the memories of your guests. Every photographer will be envious of the opportunity to photograph you with such enchanting, stylish and fairy tale wedding cars.

Our experienced chauffeurs will deliver you in style and treat you like royalty. We bring out the red carpet service for all our beautiful bridesĀ  which adds a lovely touch when taking those all important wedding photographs.

Why not send the parents of the bride and grooms parents to your wedding in style – a lovely gesture that makes everyone feel special and important. Cloud 9 can offer you both the Bentley and the Rolls Royce for your Wedding day.